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Christian Jean-François and Susanne Stoneman – Karukera Kizomba

Christian Jean-François

Christian Jean-Francois, Kizomba Instructor for Karukera Kizomba Dance School

CHRISTIAN JEAN-FRANÇOIS, from the French Caribbean, has had a long career in the music and dance industry, his work having involved the teaching, performance and promotion of various dances.

Christian teaches Salsa, Rueda de Casino, Kizomba, Tarraxinha, Urban Kiz (French Style) and Semba de Roda. He has received several awards in recognition of his popularity and innovative teaching methods, including ‘Kizomba Teacher of the Year’ (Air Europa Latin UK Awards 2015) and ‘Best Male Kizomba Teacher’ (Kizomba Link 2011). His instructional Kizomba DVDs, ‘Introduction to Kizomba: Act 1’ and ‘Introduction to Kizomba: Act 2’, are two of the world’s best-selling Kizomba tutorials and can be found in the top-selling spots for Kizomba DVDs on Amazon worldwide.

Christian founded and co-founded events promoting companies the Latin Quarter and Kizomba Central, and has been involved in the running of major club nights including The Kizomba Academy, Equilibrio and The Union, as well as the organisation of festivals including the UK Dance Congress. Christian also works in association with other events where he promotes and teaches with his trained group of teachers, including Guildford Kizomba, Chocolate Tuesdays at Gem Bar, A.B.C.D, El Grande, Scalalatina, Que Rico and Drena.

Christian is known all over the world and has been involved in congresses and festivals worldwide, where he has taught and performed. These include Estonia Tallinn Salsa Congress, Malta Salsa Congress, Austria Vienna Sexy & Sensual Latin Festival, UK Afro Cuban Salsa Festival Norfolk, Germany Frankfurt Salsa Festival, UK Teeside Salsa Festival, Holland Salsa Platform Festival Groningen, Salsa Northwest UK Congress, UK #ONEDANCE Latin Festival, UK The Peterborough Latin Festival,France Lou Casteou Lets Salsa, UK Like A Bos Festival, Germany Hamburg Salsa Festival and UK LATINFEST Torquay to name a few.

Christian has worked with the United Kingdom Alliance (UKA) to establish international standards for the teaching of Kizomba. These standards enable instructors to gain qualifications and students to achieve medals for Kizomba dance, providing incentives and rewards at all levels of ability. Christian also holds an Adjudicator License with the British Dance Council and is a member of the European Latin Dance Club Association.

Semba de Roda is a new style of dancing. Christian is responsible for putting this style of dance together and has also written the syllabus for Kizomba de Roda. This syllabus is now being used by UKA members worldwide in the instruction of this exciting new dance.

In addition to his teaching activities, Christian is an accomplished dance performer, having competed in both the South East Salsa Championships and the King & Queen of Salsa competitions. Christian is also a sought after Salsa and Kizomba DJ, featuring under the name DJ Christiano. He has regular slots on Our Salsa Soul Radio where he hosts shows every Tuesday 10am-12pm and alternate Wednesdays 4pm-6pm; see Music for further details.

Susanne Stoneman

Susanne Stoneman - Kizomba instructor for Karukera Kizomba Dance School

SUSANNE STONEMAN is a kizomba dancer and teacher from London, UK and is co-founder of the Karukera Kizomba Dance School.

Susanne has taught at dance events including El Grande @ Scala, Drena Kizomba Nights, Gindungo, Salsa Kizomba Flowz, Kizomba Sundays Cardiff and Kizomba Vida, as well as at congresses including ABCD, the International Salsa Festival Hamburg, Like a BOS Festival, Peterborough Salsa Festival and the Latinfest Weekender in Torquay.

Praise for Karukera Kizomba

“Karukera Kizomba is really welcoming and friendly. The lessons are well structured and enjoyable”

“Karukera Kizomba is a fun and great place to learn Kizomba. Christian and Susanne are very professional and friendly dance teachers and will make you feel comfortable and welcome.”